josh krager

About EyeSpy Designs
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Josh Krager is a self made entrepreneur who has taken his over 30 years of talent and skills and created a fabrication business of one of a kind, unique, recycled and eclectic designs. 

His well known hands on expertise includes making the unimaginable into imaginable useful items. For instance, one might see a vintage item that served a limited purpose, but Josh, owner of EyeSpy Designs, sees a future purpose and many more purposes beyond that. 

Loyal clients refer to him by multiple titles...Antique Picker, Welder, Fabricator, Engineer, Artist, Mad Scientist him what you will, Josh can find a way to satisfy many tastes. 

Be it Vintage, Steam Punk, Antique, Restoration, Industrial, Metal Working etc., to him, the possibilities are endless. 

Creations that "ARE" what they shouldn't "BE" is what Josh is all about.

As a matter of fact, no commission request is too small, too crazy or too big.  He loves the challenge and you'll be amazed at the results.

As Josh puts it, "There isn't a limit because I live to push limits beyond your wildest dreams." 

Got an idea?  Let's talk....Call..(440) 343-9441 .... today.