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Jim Muncy’s 1984 Peterbilt 359 - “Overkill” 
Josh D Krager, Creation Scientist

Approximately one month after a brief meeting in Sturgis, Jim Muncy arrived at Eye Spy Designs HQ for a 
detailed conversation about his 1984 Peterbilt 359, standard semi-tractor.  The discussion focused around converting the present suspension of the ’84 semi to an air ride suspension. Two months later, the Peterbilt arrived at Eye Spy Designs. Josh D. Krager, Creation Scientist/Owner, inspected the truck and determined the semi was in need of a complete overhaul due to out dated components and 
potential safety issues. 

Jim, Peterbilt owner, decided to take Josh’s recommendations and reincarnate the semi. One month after delivery, the truck was completely disassembled and the Eye Spy Designs fun began. A new tubular chassis was constructed with front and rear triangulated 4 link suspension and the mild steel frame was polished to a brushed finish. To save space, the frame was used as the reservoir for the air ride system. Goose neck and reese hitches were built into the chassis to ensure towing capabilities. 

The cab was soda blasted to strip several layers of paint to expose the raw aluminum, steel and fiberglass body. Jim had a grand time (approximately 40 hours’ worth!) hand working the aluminum to give the cab a striking brushed finish. The third LED brake light was frenched in above the rear window 
to finish the road safety upgrades. One must see the cab interior to truly appreciate the work. Within the cab, a new floor and transmission tunnel were fabricated along with a custom dash. Natural colored, tongue and groove oak boards make up the roof and rear areas of the interior. Diamond stitched leather overlay makes up the inside door panels and Iron Ace bomber-style seats on air ride bases, complete the interior.

Now, let’s talk about the front end. The biggest part of the front end is the engine itself. The engine is a relatively stock 1984 - 855 cubic inch single turbo Cummins Big Cam. Be sure to check out the one of a kind air intake; as it was designed from two top fuel dragster intakes. The 8-inch diameter chrome exhaust stack adds a touch of shine to the automotive work art. The 1984 factory grill shell was 
customized to fit within the chassis with hand applied saddle leather trim and brass acorn nuts adding to 
the detail of the front end.  

What makes this semi stand out even more than the customized artwork and details; to include CNC turned billet aluminum lug nut covers, is the splash of sub-lime green paint located on the cab, engine, transmission and axles. Pictures do not do this truck color justice! The striking contrast between the green paint, brushed aluminum of the cab, and the polished raw steel frame captures the attention of bystanders wherever this semi is parked.

Be it at an auto show, an ice cream shop or a truck stop; this tractor doesn’t cease to amaze new sets of eyes! 

Points to Ponder: 
• Built in 5 Months 
• 855 CI Cummins Big Cam 
• Allison HT 750 4-speed Auto Transmission 
• 3.06:1 Gear Ratio 
• Narrowed Front Axle 
• Triangulated 4-Link Air Ride System 
• 445/50R22.5 Super Single Rear Tires 
• 295/60R22.5 Front Tires 
• 4 Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes 
• All LED Lighting 
• Rear View Camera System 
• 45% Rear to 55% Front – Weight Distribution 
• Weight: 9580 lbs 
• 0-72 MPH in 14 Seconds 
• 17 MPG @ 65-70 MPH 
• 34 Gallon Fuel Tank 
• Longest Road Trip Thus Far: 1200 Miles Round Trip 
Acknowledgements & Awards 
• Rat Rod Magazine Dec 2016/Jan 2017 Issue #40 – Build Off Issue 
• September 2016 - Feature Video - Urban Hillbilly Action Videos  
 YouTube Video - 800K views in less than 9 months 
• American Big Rigs Facebook Page – Feature Video – 1.2 Million Views 
• March 2016 - Featured Segment - Sports Time Ohio 
• March 2017 –  over 600 entries - Summit Racing Piston Powered Autorama, Cleveland OH  
 2nd in Large Truck Class (1st place was J. Muncy’s COE!) & Summit Racing Best Engineered Award 
• July 2017 – MAVTV “Dream Rides” Featured Interview – PPG Goodguys Auto Show, 
Columbus OH